I am

I am the one you fear

Because you do not understand

But look deep within

And see all that I am.

I am a shapeshifter

Challenging you to change

Giving you strength you didn’t have

Before entering my domain.

I am your constant shadow

Never to be known

The one calling you from the deep

When you refuse to go in on your own.

I am a phantom queen

Alluring darkness where few travel

Wrapping you in black wings

Before your life unravels.

I am the one who stripped you naked

Of all you thought to bring

Tools that cannot protect you

From my bitter underworld sting.

I am the one who flung you out

Upon that mist-filled path

Before you crawled in confusion

Through the barren and parched strath.

I am a battle queen

Whose fury makes you shake

Pulsing through your body

Without regard of what you break.

I am a river goddess

The one holding you down

It will be too late when you realize

That it was me who let you drown.

© Shadow

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