Little girl lost

I want to tell a story

About a little girl

Hiding in the dark

Afraid of the world.

Her thoughts were often jumbled

And her words were amix

But no one really knew

She was alone since she was six.

She was often distant from others

And ran from open arms;

But it was just an automatic response

From her internal alarm.

She kept a secret inside

This constant, painful thorn;

It’s her new life

Of how she was born.

She wrapped herself in barbed wire

And wouldn’t let anyone in;

It became a consuming fire

And she blamed herself for the sin.

She used to play these movies

Over and over in my head;

But then she disappeared

So I thought she was dead.

I closed the door behind her

That little girl lost;

Whose frozen in time

And now covered in frost.

This is the story

About a little girl

Who found her safe place

Away from the world.

© Shadow August 2017

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