Where were you, brother,

When he chained me to fear?

You were there the whole time,

Your loyalties made clear.


What was the purpose, brother,

Of stripping me bare?

Exposing my naked body,

To those who gloat and stare.


Did you enjoy it, brother,

Forcing us all to have sex?

As you stood by and watched,

Yelling “You are up next!”


Was it funny, brother,

Grabbing me by my feet?

Flinging me to the ground,

And dragging me across the street.


Does it make you feel better, brother,

To tell people how you care for me?

When you both kept me in fetters,

Without a way to ever flee.


© Shadow

Ketuvim 4

My adaptation of Psalms 4

No one answered me when I called,

no one relieved me from my distress.

Who will comfort me or hear my prayer?

How long will he keep putting me to shame?

How long will he keep me in these chains?

Know that he has set you apart as a slave for himself

No one will save you from his clutches.

I trembled in his presence,

And when I was on his bed, I was utterly silent.

I was a sacrifice to feed his desires,

And trust became my enemy.

Who will bring me relief from my sorrow?

Where is the light that brings healing?

My heart is filled with dispair

And my body is consumed with fear

When the memories of old abound.

There is no peace when I lay down to sleep,

for I am completely alone

And no where can I dwell in safety.

© Shadow